Cork HOR 2024

Cork HOR 2024 this weekend was a record entry for SRC with 79 athletes across 30 crews. This was the first event for about 15 of our Juniors so we hope they enjoyed the day, a great location for their first day out and it’s about having some fun too.
We came away with some wins by the end of the challenging day. See the results below and check out some photos of the day.

Head 1
Mens C2 8+: 2nd
Mens M 8+: 1st (Only Entry)
Womens J16 4X+: 3rd

Head 2
Womens S 2-: 3rd

Head 3
Mens Int 4+: 1st
Mens M 4+: 2nd & 3rd
Mens J16 4+: 1st

Head 4
Womens S 8+: 2nd (Fermoy Composite)
Womens M 8+: 6th

Head 5
Mens J18A 2-: 2nd

Head 6
Mens C2 2x: 1st
Mens J18A 2x: 10th

Rolling Head
Mens J15 8x+: 1st
Mens J14 8x+: 1st & 2nd
Mens J14 4x+: 2nd
Womens 8+ (TO): 1st (Only Entry)
Womens J15 4x+: 17th
Womens J15 2x: 2nd
Womens J14 8x+: 3rd
Womens J14 4x+: 5th

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