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Applying for Membership


All those applying for membership should complete the following form:

Click for Membership Application Form 2019 (DOC) 

Membership Application Forms can be printed and given directly to coaches, as they will be printed and retained as a back up to our electronic database regardless.

*Please note that all forms, where a signature is required must be signed. Failure to sign deems that application form incomplete. Please speak to coaches or committee members if you are unsure or have reservations on signing a form rather than leaving it unsigned.

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Shannon Rowing Club Membership 2019

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Membership Fees 2018/19

Full Membership including Recreational Rowers.                                                  €260

Persons having reached their 19th Birthday.

Full use of rowing and gym facilities

Rowing Ireland Subscription not included


Junior Membership                                                                                                   €230

Any person who has not reached their nineteenth birthday.

Rowing Ireland Subscription not included

Family Membership                                                                                                    €350

Two members in civil partnership

plus all their children up to their nineteenth birthday and

full time undergraduates up to the age of twenty two who shall be

regarded as Junior members.

Rowing Ireland Subscription not included


Recreational Rowing (10 Lessons ) €100

Associate Membership                                                                                               €200

Persons having reached their 19th Birthday

No use of rowing or gym facilities

Over 65 Membership                                                                                                 €100

Any person who is retired, has fifteen years membership and who

has reached their sixty fifth birthday.


Coach Membership                                                                                                       €50

Any person deemed by the Captain to be a current coach within the Club


One Day Trial Membership                                                                                           €2

Any person with the permission of the Captain who wishes to try the sport

of Rowing. Valid for one day.


Over 80 Membership                                                                                                      €0

Any person with fifteen years membership who has reached their 80th Birthday

Corporate Membership                                                                                           €1,500

A company or business with five nominated members